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MIDI adapters - general

Can I use several adapters on one computer?

Yes, the only limit is the number of USB ports, which is easy to overcome by using a USB hub.

When configuring the device through the configuration program, only one adapter can be connected.

Are all the product covered by a warranty and what is the possibility of returns?

If you are not satisfied with the adapter, you can return it within one month after the purchase date to get a full refund. The cost of return shipping is borne by the customer.

MIDI adapters are covered by a one-year warranty. If the device fails during this period, it will be replaced free of charge.

Is the Linux system supported?

Yes. Adapters are class compliant MIDI-USB devices, so they will work with Linux.

With what VST plugins / DAWs are the adapters compatible?

Any that support MIDI automation, e.g.:

  • Amp Sims: Positive Grid Bias FX Pro, Waves GTR, NI Guitar Rig, Overloud TH3, etc.
  • They work with practically all DAWs.

Do MIDI adapters cause any noticeable latency?

They do not introduce noticeable latency.

EX2M Adapter

What pedals are supported by the EX2M Adapter?

All standard expression pedals with a stereo jack output.

Can I increase the pitch using an expression pedal?

Yes, we support Pitch Bend Change MIDI message.

If you just want to increase the pitch and not decrease it, set the min. value at 64, max. at 127, and if you just want to decrease, change the value range to 0-63.

For some actions you need to use CC, which is also supported.

My pedal does not work in the full range - the minimal and maximum values are not in the range of 0-127. What should I do?

In this case, use the "Calibrate" function available in the configuration tool. You can calibrate your pedal there and it will work properly.

FS2M Adapter


Will Cardboard Pedals work with any phone?

No. First of all, the apps are currently only available for iOS and therefore only work on the iPhone. The phone trays in the Cardboard Pedals are designed for the iPhone, starting from the SE model (1st generation).

Where can I find applications for Cardboard Pedals?

You can download the application from the App store. There are two applications for the two foot controllers: MIDI Expression Pedal and MIDI Footswitch. The applications are free.

Can I use the Cardboard Pedals if I don’t have a Mac?

Yes, there is a free rtpMIDI solution for Windows that allows you to connect your iPhone to your Windows PC via Wi-Fi.

Can I make a Cardboard Pedal from a pizza box myself?

Sure, just order a really big pizza, preferably two.

Is the template provided for free enough to make an identical pedal that can be bought in a ready-made set?

The shared template is the same design that is used in our Certified Kit, but making the pedal from different quality materials will not always fully match our concept. Try creating it yourself, and if you want proven quality, buy our Kit.

A2M real‑time Audio to MIDI

The sounds of which instruments are recognised?

Virtually any, even your singing. It is important to remember about a few guidelines:

  • The cleaner and less distorted the sound, the better.
  • The beta version only recognises one sound at a time, so if you play chords, only one of the chord notes will be played, most likely the root.
  • Also, remember to tune your instrument.

How do I connect an electric / e-acoustic guitar to a computer?

You only need a jack-jack cable!

You do not need an expensive audio interface because you are not recording a direct guitar signal. A2M only needs to recognize the pitch, and the sound is generated by a virtual instrument - from the sampler or synthesizer.

On which setting of the pickup should I play?

The more the sound will be devoid of high harmonics, the more accurately its pitch will be recognised, so it is best to set the guitar on the pickup closest to the neck, and avoid the pickup closest to the bridge.

I have a feedback problem - how do I eliminate it?

To avoid feedback, try to make sure that the MIDI sound does not return to the audio input. This can be done in two ways: by connecting the instrument to the line input, rather than via a microphone, or if it is impossible and you need to use a microphone - listen to the sounds from the MIDI instruments on headphones.

Does A2M have a built-in synthesizer / sampler?

No. It allows you to use thousands of excellent virtual instruments, which are available in both free and paid packages. You can use a synthesizer or sampler from a VST/AU plug-in.

What external sounds can I use?

Virtual A2M works with any MIDI receiver.