About us

About us

beat bars is a NILSON brand founded in Wrocław, Poland in 2015 which designs and manufactures MIDI software and hardware.
Our founders are involved in sound engineering and music, and have studio and live show experience.

More than 20 years ago, in 1999, the May issue of "Estrada i Studio" featured Trans Generator - a program written by one of our founders’ for generating noise and reference audio signals.
Today, beat bars is working with a team of specialists in the field of 3D modeling, electronics, and computer engineering. Each expert uses technology and new possibilities to create solutions that meet the requirements of today’s music makers.
This led beat bars to specialise in MIDI. We create products which are compatible with the most popular DAWs.

At the beginning, we created the small A2M application for converting audio signals to MIDI in real time.
Next, we released the Wah‑Wah mobile app, which allows to control MIDI devices using the movement of your lips. Using an iPhone camera instead of an expression pedal or a MIDI controller knob allows to control any AudioUnit / VST effect in a completely new way, freeing your hands and feet.
The next stage of the company’s development was devices. The first ones we introduced to the music market were MIDI adapters, allowing to connect standard analog expression pedals and footswitches directly to a computer or tablet and control effects in real time. Our adapters were quickly spotted on the music market and reviewed by international media, and most importantly, they were positively received by users in various parts of the world.

Beat bars is constantly developing, creating proprietary expression pedals and footswitches for controlling MIDI.
We put the availability, functionality and quality of products first.

At the same time, we are working on our largest app so far - S8, a Drum Sequencer and MIDI Editor in one. We use models and patterns that have been popular in system programming for years - for creating rhythms. This is an incredibly efficient, effective and intuitive way of programming drums.

Our goals are clear - simple concepts, missing solutions, facilitating the creation of music, and fully flexible management of virtual instruments.
Musicians and their comments are a source of inspiration for us. MIDI is our area of expertise. Beat bars is open to new ideas and focused on satisfying customers.

The unique MIDI SysEx ID number assigned by the MIDI Manufacturers Association to beat bars is: 00H 21H 3AH