MIDI Cardboard Expression Pedal • App for iPhone • DIY MIDI Foot Controller

Cardboard Expression Pedal

DIY MIDI Controller for iPhone

More flexibility in how you control your tone and effects.

Cardboard Expression Pedal
Cardboard Expression Pedal
Cardboard Expression Pedal
Cardboard Expression Pedal

Trigger and modify effects.

The application MIDI Expression Pedal converts your foot’s movement into a stream of MIDI messages, which makes it a practical tool for controlling thousands of VST plug-ins.
In order for the application to become a full-fledged, physical device, you just have to add an original, wireless cardboard expression pedal.

The Expression Pedal Kit is a completely new approach to working with MIDI.
Flexible, comfortable and surprisingly intuitive when used with your DAW.

And this Expression Pedal is really special

MIDI control using your foot is incredibly comfortable, frees your hands so you can play, and now it is possible without complications or unnecessary expenses – you just need your iPhone.
The free iOS app gives you the ability to transfer MIDI events to your DAW, and this pedal was designed specially for the iPhone.
This is the first and only pedal built 100% from renewable resources.
It is made with great care and attention to detail, thanks to which it is extremely strong and durable after folding.

The Cardboard Expression Pedal is iPhone compatible and can be a great way to revive your older model.
The app is supported by all phones from the first generation SE model, and the pedal has a specially adapted tray for this and all subsequent iPhone models.


Cardboard Pedal Certified Kit

The details determine the quality

If you want to assemble a cardboard pedal quickly and precisely, buy a ready kit. It includes a set of ready, cut cardboard boxes with all the accessories necessary to build up the pedal, as well as all the knowledge that we have gathered while working on cardboard pedals: our recommendations and tips for use.

Worldwide shipping
Delivery: 2-4 business days
(free to EU countries)


DIY Template

You can also download the design files below for free and follow the instructions to make the pedal yourself.
You will need a cardboard box, knife or scissors, and about 15 minutes.

You can always paint it if the current color does not appeal to you. The best option is to use acrylic based spray paint. Make sure to test the paint on a different piece of cardboard before painting the pedal, and do it outside to avoid unnecessary cleaning!


Step-by-step instructions

To make the assembly easier, all the steps in the manual are illustrated in color.
Let us know if you notice any issues during the assembly process.


Download on the App Store

MIDI Expression Pedal app


  • MIDI Output Settings
    • MIDI Channel
    • MIDI Message Type
      • Control Change (CC)
      • Pitch Bend Change
      • Channel Pressure (Aftertouch)
    • MIDI Output Range
    • Reversed Mode
  • Pedal Calibration
  • MIDI Connections
    • Bluetooth
    • Wi-Fi

Once you’ve assembled the cardboard pedal, that’s almost it.


Now you just have to add an iPhone.

  1. Start the MIDI Expression Pedal app.
  2. Connect it with MacOS* via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth according to the guide in the application.
  3. Place the iPhone in the tray with the screen on, and insert the tray into the pocket in the pedal with the screen facing up.

* For Windows PCs we recommend using a compatible solution: rtpMIDI

This way you have a fully functional, inexpensive MIDI expression pedal and easy control of thousands of plug-ins under your feet.

Try our Cardboard Expression Pedal today.

Worldwide shipping
Delivery: 2-4 business days
(free to EU countries)

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