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MIDI Expression Pedal


Programmable and configurable

MIDI Expression Pedal

Perfect MIDI control.

EX3 – the easiest way to control your music software with your feet.
An autonomous MIDI expression pedal for sending CC events (e.g. Volume or Modulation), Pitch Bend or Aftertouch. More possibilities. Still user-friendly.

Easily control your DAW via MIDI.
Trigger and modify effects using your expression pedal.

Focus on your music, forget about adjusting settings manually.

A classic, durable, strong aluminum design.
With DIN and USB-MIDI sockets.

The best controller for live performances.

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MIDI Footswitch


Programmable and configurable

MIDI Footswitch

For demanding musicians.

Take full control over multiple tracks and loops.

This will be your essential tool for triggering effects in VST plug-ins, stompboxes in Amp Simulators, and for switching entire programs and sound sets.

FS3 has a strong, compact, aluminum design which will meet all your key requirements – from switching effects on and off to controlling all their settings.

Includes DIN and USB-MIDI sockets.

Forget about adjusting settings, focus on what matters the most on stage and in the studio.

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USB MIDI Adapters

Compact, reliable, and configurable - exactly what you need.

Expression pedal to MIDI adapter



Provides a seamless connection between the expression pedal and your computer.
Focus completely on the music by connecting your pedal directly to the computer and use thousands of VST plugins by controlling MIDI with your foot.

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Footswitch to MIDI adapter



The best tool for triggering MIDI events using a standard footswitch or sustain pedal.
The adapter lets you control your DAW in real time without using your hands.

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Dual MIDI adapter



This adapter has two independent inputs for connecting an expression pedal and a footswitch.
If you need both of these functions, you no longer need to buy two separate adapters. 2-in-1. One device for everything.

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“I am using your expression Pedal to sing with my nylon Guitar. The audio signal is changed to MIDI, mixed with other MIDI signals from keys to select vibrato, gliss etc, a breath controller and your Pedal. With all that, I can control different parameters in sound libraries, like Vienna, and that allows me to sing with the machines. Your Pedal is very helpful, because it has USB.”

Peter S.

“I use the pedal mainly with my electric guitar, plugged into Logic Pro X. It works brilliantly.”

Gilbert V.

“I need an expression pedal to work with my software instruments (like SWAM Saxophones) as well as many synths, guitars etc. Ableton push 2, which I use as the main controller has 2 pedal inputs, but I was shocked to discover that neither of them support expression. Now push does have several analog controls - velocity, after touch, pitch bend and mod wheel, but it is very hard to consciously operate those while also playing notes at the same time. Pedal helps a lot.”

Temo A.

“I'm a composer for movies and video games, I work both in a studio and at home sometimes. In the studio I have my full setup (monitoring, synths, USB controller..) and a M audio USB keyboard with mod wheel. But at home I have a small setup with an akai key 25, and it has no mod wheel.. So I use your pedal for expression, to modulate symphonic vst plug-in easier. I prefer the USB for more versatility and I'm happy with it! In the future, maybe I will use it to control several effects in a live show. And finally it allows me to modulate effects and keep my hands free to perform my music.”

Jérôme M.

“I´m using the MIDI pedal in my studio.With Logic Pro X, I usually control MIDI volume when I´m playing virtual synths and samples. This way I can play with my both hands and still control the volume. :-) Sometimes I may control something else, for example filter openings.”

Heikki E.

“I use your pedal to trigger my (software) looper, to start/stop and select loops with my foot and a korg nanokontrol for gain adjustments. I like your pedal very much: it's well built and does not need an external supply.”

Antoine D.

“First of all I'm very happy with your products. I use the expression pedal and the footswitch for djing. for controlling my reverb and delay. my reverb and delay are vsts in ableton live.”

Sandro B.

“I purchased the FS2M for the primary purpose of utilizing a Boss FS-6 dual footswitch I already owned as a Sustain & Sustinudo pedal. Since I use a Launchpad X to play the notes there is no pedal input. I will also likely utilize this to send midi CC signals to my DAW for punch in recording while tracking guitar and vocals. My DAW is Ableton Live. I am thrilled with the performance so far and the ease of setup was superb too! Thank you for making this product as it was not easy to find such a specific piece of gear and at a reasonable price.”

Kyle F.

“I’m film composer and pianist. My great problem it was to control some cc parameters in real time with the both hand busy. And I prefer to use as master keyboard my Yamaha 88 keys, that haven’t any controls. So, I searched a solution and it seemed that your product it was perfect. Easy to install and easy to set. Now everything is perfect! I can play with two end and control any cc as I like.”

Enzo De R.

“I bought your MIDI adapter because I wanted to use an expression pedal with my software instruments. I use Ableton Live and Push 2, and Push 2 doesn’t support the use of expression pedals. May I also say that your adapter works perfectly!”

Ian Ch.

“I'm using the adapter to hook up an expression pedal with my DAW or a plugin to use it as a wha wha, volume pedal or to control parameters.”


“I’m composer and I use your product to interact with MIDI instrument and computer during I record MIDI music on it.I play Piano and Saxophone. I use a Kawai VPC-1 as piano and a Roland AE10 as saxophone. I use a lot of VST but it’s predominantly for using Audio modeling or Sample modeling VST that I choice your product. I choice your product because a lot of MIDI controllers are very good for CC but most of them don’t control Pitch Bend (a shame in my opinion). Your soft do it. I can do pitch bend with foot! Your product is simple, light and tiny. That’s exactly what I looked for.”

Jérôme L.

“I am using the MIDI Expression Pedal Adapter to use an Expression Pedal with Line 6 Helix Native Plugin inside my DAW (Reaper). So basically I am using your equipment for playing guitar/recording for effects like Wah Wah & Whammy.”

Tobias S.

“I use the Triplelpay Midi pickup for guitar and wanted to use an expression pedal to control modulation of synths and so forth while I play. The beat bars adapter worked with the expression pedal I had and has been a blast to use!”

Tom C.

“I use it to use an expression pedal with my THU Overloud and Bias FX on my Mac, mainly as a wham.”

Alex M.

“I bought a midi adapter to use an expression pedal. Since my keyboard has a sustain pedal, I ran out of ports to plug in pedals so I researched a way to plug a pedal directly to the computer. I dislike using one of my hands to adjust sliders because it feels limiting to be able to play half as many notes.”

Ben H.

“I use your adapter so I can use a guitar expression pedal (Mission SP-25M Pro) to input continuous midi data, usually cc1 modulation wheel. It is convenient while playing various midi controllers to have a continuous pedal that can easily be remapped to different midi CC numbers. It’s currently setup directly into the usb port of a Mio XM which merges the data with other midi controllers (Isla Kordbot, Linnstrument) and sends to a Squarp Pyramid for sequencing a DAW as well as hardware midi and modular synths. I play a lot of kontakt orchestral instruments (Spitfire, Orchestral Tools) where the most common expression for dynamics is CC1 modulation so having a devoted pedal for this is very useful.”

Gregg W.

“I use Beat Bars FS2M to activate some effects on my voice. The interface is easy to use and setup. Pressing a sustain pedal I can add an extra delay for creative purpose on my voice. More in general converting a simple sustain pedal to a midi message can be helpful in many situations during live performance and studio work.”


“I bought your midi adapter specifically to be able to trigger scenes in Ableton using a footswitch during my live shows (each song is a scene, so I begin each song with a footswitch press).”


“I purchased the EX2M so that my Yamaha FC7 expression pedal could be used with Bias FX 2 (from Positive Grid) within Logic Pro X on my iMac. It is working great!”

Clinton H.

“I'm mostly using the adapter to use with expression/volume pedals and convert it to midi signal. Usually CC1 or CC11 depending on the library I'm using. I am a professional composer for video games, tv, documentaries or film but also as a composer for my own project. Being able to send midi signal with my foot instead of my hand is just great, I can play 2 hands on my keyboard and easily change articulations without stopping. To go even further I sometimes use another software to complement it called DIVISIMATE. It's an automatic orchestrator and I really need both hands on the keyboard here.”

Clément B.

“Jestem zadowolony z waszego produktu. Zajmuję się zawodowo współczesną muzyką elektroakustyczną. Wykładam ją również na Akademii Muzycznej we Wrocławiu. Moim podstawowym środowiskiem pracy jest Max, w którym programuję utwory a raczej programy do prostej obsługi często bardzo skomplikowanych projektów elektroakustycznych przez wykonawców, którym utwory są dedykowane. 90% współcześnie komponowanych utworów elektroakustycznych dla solistów czy małych zespołów przygotowywanych jest w taki sposób, że wykonawca wyzwala kolejne zdarzenia zaprogramowane w projekcie przy pomocy kontrolera typu footswitch lub expression pedal. Do takich celów używam zakupionego kontrolera.”

Cezary D.

“I ordered this product to trigger Ableton live sessions in live performances. I used an FS7 footswitch in conjunction with your product to trigger things in Ableton while I am singing and playing.”

Tim R.

“As a musician i can’t rely on all that bluetooth-stuff in live situations as there are always a lot of wireless-systems running in parallel. This leads to massive interferences and in the end in non-functional devices like a simple programm-switcher for an ipad like irig etc. So i was looking for a solution to handle a simple up/down for my programms on then ipad. And i found your tool.. and as i'm the proud owner of an old double footswitch of rocktron made in the stone-ages of analogue technic - i had the solution.”


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