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MIDI adapters - trigger the music

  • If you perform live and you need your hands to be free to play.
  • If you're looking for a way to manage your plug-in settings.
  • If you need a device which will convert a pedal or footswitch signal into a MIDI signal.

We have simple solutions.

MIDI adapters which allow to connect standard pedals directly to your computer and use them to control effects in real time.
For guitarists, keyboardists, and DJs.
Compact, reliable, and configurable - exactly what you need.
Handy tools for a MIDI accessories set.
Full plug&play functionality right out of the box!

EX2M - Expression pedal to MIDI adapter

The Expression pedal to MIDI adapter provides a seamless connection between the expression pedal and the computer.
It converts pedal movements to stream of MIDI messages via the USB port.
The adapter is intended for musicians who want to connect standard pedals directly to their computers to free their expression and use thousands of VST plug-ins by foot-controlled MIDI.

For Guitaristsguitar icon

Why not to change the settings of your plug-ins in the Amp Simulator while playing using the expression pedal?
Now the wah-wah effect and any knob of a different effect will be within reach of your foot, in one pedal.

For Keyboardistskeyboard icon

You don’t have a pedal slot on your keyboard?
Now, thanks to the adapter, you can use the standard pedal to control expression (volume, modulation, or other parameters) and free your hands. You get one more place to work with effects!


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FS2M - Footswitch to MIDI adapter

The Footswitch to MIDI adapter is a universal adapter that can be used to trigger MIDI events in real time using a standard footswitch.
The perfect tool to control your DAW in real time without using your hands.

For Guitaristsguitar icon

Use the standard footswitch from your analogue amplifier and manage Amp Simulators plug-ins.
A simple way to switch VST effects, whole sets of sounds and of course On/Off for each effect in your DAW.

For Keyboardistskeyboard icon

Use the sustain pedal even if you do not have a dedicated socket in your equipment.


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E&F2M - Dual MIDI adapter

This adapter is simply a 2-in-1 connection of our EX2M and FS2M adapters. If you need both of these functions, you no longer need to buy two separate adapters.
E&F2M has two independent inputs for connecting the expression pedal and footswitch, and also has just one USB cable, which means you use fewer ports in your computer.

For DJs  dj icon

For all those who rely on digital audio live or in the studio and use MIDI. The adapter provides the ability to use expression pedals and footswitches to control effects. It's an extra knob for plug-ins, or a start/stop or "tap tempo" button for your playback.
Trigger MIDI events on your PC or Mac using your existing foot controllers.

For Guitaristsguitar icon

Use your standard pedals - the expression pedal, which converts movement into a MIDI message stream through the USB port, and the footswitch from your analog amplifier.
Manage amp simulator plug-ins in a simple way.

For Keyboardistskeyboard icon

Simply connect your expression pedal and your sustain pedal or footswitch (with one 1 or 2-buttons) simultaneously to the adapter and USB port, and they will be recognized as MIDI devices.


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A2M Converter

A2M Converter

The A2M tool is designed for real-time Audio to MIDI conversion.

Start creating professional music instantly.
Connect your guitar to the line input or a different analogue instrument via a microphone, play it, and hear any instrument selected from a range of samplers and synthesizers.

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S8 Sequencer

If you want to give your music an 'edge' and make it truly unique and original, beat bars is the tool for you.

Must-have program for anyone looking to take their loops to a whole new level.

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