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What is an interval?

What is an interval?

This is the difference between the pitch of two sounds, the distance between them.

The names of the intervals come from the Latin numerals. The basic intervals are called seconds (2), thirds (3), quarters (4), fifths (5), sixths (6), and sevenths (7). The interval between a sound and the next sound with the same name is called an octave (8). There are also intervals larger than an octave.


Intervals can be divided into three basic types: major, minor and perfect. Seconds, thirds, sixths and sevenths can be major or minor. Quarters, fifths and octaves are perfect intervals. The distances between sounds can also be measured by the number of semitones between them. For example, the minor second is equal to one semitone and the major second - two semitones, etc.


These are the basics of intervals and you will soon be able to find out more on our blog.