Control VST/AU with your lips | Wah-Wah Controller
Wah-Wah Controller

Wah-Wah Controller

Control VST/AU with your lips

If you’re looking for a way to control your external AU/VST plug-ins, you can now use the iPhone front-facing camera as an "expression pedal" with facial expressions!

Control your MIDI devices using your lips. Just say "wah wah" and send corresponding MIDI events wirelessly. Using your camera instead of an expression pedal or MIDI controller knob provides the ability to use any external AudioUnit/VST effects in a whole new way. Now you can control the VST plug-in settings in real-time without using your hands.

It is a fascinating step into exploring accessibility in music-making. You will discover that our face controller may be more intuitive and easier to learn than a foot pedal.

For Guitaristsguitar icon

Why not to change the plug-in parameters in the Amp Simulator while playing using your lips? Now the wah-wah pedal or any other effect will be within reach of your iPhone.

For Keyboardistskeyboard icon

You don’t have an expression pedal slot on your keyboard? Now you can use the Wah-Wah app to control volume, modulation, pitch or any other parameter hands-free. You get one more place to work with effects!

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  • MIDI Output Settings
    • MIDI Channel
    • MIDI Message Type
      • Control Change (CC)
      • Pitch Bend Change
      • Channel Pressure (Aftertouch)
    • MIDI Output Range
    • Reversed Mode
  • MIDI Input Settings
    • MIDI Learn
    • MIDI Channel
    • Control Change (CC)
  • Lips Movement Range Calibration
  • MIDI Connections
    • Wi-Fi
    • Bluetooth
    • USB


  • iPhone 6 or later for best performance
  • iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, Xr for near zero latency face tracking with the TrueDepth Camera
  • Mac computer with MacOS
    (For Windows hosts we recommend using a compatible solution: rtpMIDI)

Wah-Wah Connection Guide