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A2M Converter

A2M Converter

The A2M tool is designed for real-time Audio to MIDI conversion.

Convert your audio source directly to MIDI.

Start creating professional music instantly.
Connect your guitar to the line input or a different analogue instrument via a microphone, play it, and hear any instrument selected from a range of samplers and synthesizers.

A2M itself does not have any built-in samples, but it allows you to use thousands of excellent third-party virtual instruments.
Any instrument which receives MIDI (both physical instruments as well as virtual plug-ins) will work with the application.
The VST alternative provides several powerful options - when you work in the digital mode instead of analogue, it helps you save money, time, and there is no limit to the range of sounds.
Because A2M is not a plug-in, but a stand-alone application, it works with everything.

*MIDI is a standard for music data transmission, compliant with all professional electronic music devices.

Known limitations in the beta version:Requirements:

This is the beta version, we are working on improving it and we expect that everything is not perfect yet, therefore we kindly ask for your feedback.

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